The patent lays on a structure based on the combination of only two basic elements that can be assembled and disassembled to infinity, resulting in mounting a LogicPalet.
These two basic pieces multiplied in number and arranged in a precise position (longitudinally and transversely) assemble to form a solid structure without requiring any other connecting element.
Large logistics savings.1

Large logistics savings.

Lower logistics costs over long distances. Huge savings in logistics with a ratio of 1 to 4.


Thanks to the reuse of recycled plastic pallet, we avoid cutting down millions of trees.
Indefinite life cycle.3

Indefinite life cycle.

Damaged parts of LogicPalet are easily replaceable since there exists two different models.
Wide dimensional range.4

Wide dimensional range.

The LogicPalet has an extensive dimensional range in order to fit in to customers’ needs. We can adapt the product to any size.
Reducing carbon footprint.5

Reducing carbon footprint.

Reduction of all greenhouse gases emitted by direct or indirect effect of an individual, organization, event or product.
Chemical resistance.6

Chemical resistance.

Resistant to acids, fats and other chemicals.
Prevents contamination.7

Prevents contamination.

Helps preventing biological contamination (undesirable living organisms in a given environment, which can generate diverse diseases).
Easy to clean.8

Easy to clean.

We avoid transporting the cleaning system to the Pool, thanks to our assembly and disassembly machines do incorporate a cleaning system of the pieces before the assembly.

No hace falta adaptarse a la NIMF-15 (Medidas Fisiosanitarias)

No hace falta adaptarse a la NIMF-15 (Medidas Fisiosanitarias)

Through this process, we can use three types of waste

Through this process, we can use three types of waste

1- Waste from recycling plants. | 2- Waste from losses produced by the customer during its own manufacturing. | 3- Recovery of our own was.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

  • - Takes 2 times less space in an unloaded truck ( what previously needed 3 trucks, now only needs 1).
    • - Costs savings before laying, if 2 pallets are broken, our pallet is more profitable.
      • - Carbon footprint reduction.
        • - Savings in cleaning system.
          • - Our pallet is focused on the reuse by having an indefinite life cycle; its useful life, as a unit measure, is infinite.
            • - Recycling of waste through recycling plants, Recycling of losses produced by the client and Recycling of our own waste.